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"The Texas Express" Article

"The Texas Express" June 3, 2004

For The Ultimate Dining Experience, Motor-In To Zur Autobahn

By Rayma Patterson

When one hears the word “autobahn” what thoughts come to mind? If one is a driving enthusiast, perhaps thoughts of 11,712 km of scenic roadway divided by a landscaped “green” median winding through the lovely German countryside. There are even sections of the Autobahn where there is no speed limit and drivers may travel as fast as they wish. Germany’s Autobahn is the ultimate driving experience for many serious drivers.

Although Texas doesn’t have the Autobahn, we do have Zur Autobahn! Nestled in a beautiful Bosque county valley on Highway 22, about half-way between Meridian and Cranfills Gap, the delicious authentic Hessian cooking and warm hospitality make Zur Autobahn German Restaurant the ultimate dining experience!

Dieter and Kornelia “Conny” Sedlmaier, owners of Zur Autobahn German Restaurant, are originally from Gross-Gerau, Hessia, Germany. “We had a body shop where my husband designed and created car parts to be sold to dealers here in America,” Conny Sedlmaier said. When their daughter met and married an American serviceman who had been stationed in Germany, the Sedlmaiers decided to relocate to Texas in order to keep the family together.

“I can’t live without working,” Conny explained, so in April 2003, Zur Autobahn German Restaurant was established. The building itself is special as Mr. Sedlmaier built the restaurant from the foundation up, even installing original German doors and windows. Inside, there are cozy German-style furnishings, interesting automobile related memorabilia, and the enjoyable sound of German music playing softly. Add to that the tantalizing cooking aromas from Conny’s spotless kitchen, and diners are in for a real treat for the senses!

Just reading the menu is fun, as there are so many out-of-the-ordinary delicacies to try! When asked if the majority of diners have any favorites, Conny replied, “Wiener Style Schnitzel, which is pork loin steak with fried potatoes, and Jaeger Schnitzel, which is center-cut pork loin steak topped with smothered mushrooms, gravy, and fried potatoes, are both popular. But, then, the Rinderbraten with Rotkraut, which is German roast beef with vegetables and fried potatoes, is popular, too,” she added with a smile.

How about Goulash Soup served with bread, or Bratwurst with Sauerkraut, which is two-grilled bratwurst served with sauerkraut and potato salad? Weekly lunch specials might include soup and a choice of chicken breast or chicken breast Cordon Bleu served with potatoes, vegetables, and a slice of hearty German bread. When Conny served her fabulous chocolate cherry torte covered with whipped cream and grated chocolate to two little guests, not a sound was heard until the last bite had been savored!

“I love cooking and I like to serve people,” Conny explained. In Germany, after her regular schooling was completed, she attended “Household School” which teaches the student cooking, laundry, and just everything required to effectively run a household. In fact, one of the well-worn cookbooks in her kitchen is one she received while attending Household School.

It’s quite remarkable to peruse her collection of cookbooks as the delicious looking pictures are accompanied by ingredients and directions written in German. Perhaps her most cherished cookbook is one given to her by her late mother. Pointing out a recipe for “Christollen, a special cake made in Germany at Christmas time, Conny, remarked with a chuckle, “This one needs a little bit of experience to make!”

Zur Autobahn is open for lunch Friday through Sunday from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm. They are open for dinner Wednesday through Saturday from 5:00 pm until 9:00 pm. The restaurant is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. To make reservations or to call for further directions, the phone number is 254-597-2500. For those who are online, additional information may be found on the web: For the ultimate dining experience, motor-in to Zur Autobahn German Restaurant.

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